Three paddles are ready to be painted, carved, or wood burned with beautiful decorative designs, words, or names.All three for $10 total.
16 feet by 8 feet black cloth used for curtains in home theater. Some slits and a hemline for curtain rod. Make offer Lots of solid pieces
Some years ago I was making ls, primarily from bottles, and these are the extra parts I dont need that someone might be able to use. 2 electrical cords, 5 harps for lshades, misc bottle inserts, two shades, one completed bottle l, corks....probably close to $50 of l making supplies. Nice project piece to get started into l making. I might also have a glass drill bit to add if I can find itPleas...
Sold together includes glass for frames, foam and cardboard backing Wood, plastic, and metal frames.Multiple colors and sizes of matting. Hanging wire, hooks, and matt cutters.
Sturdy craft table in good used condition. Lifetime brand. 8 feet long. May come cleaner with more elbow grease.
Cricut Expression with cord to connect to computer. Missing cord to connect to a wall outlet3 - 12 x 12 mats never used1- 12 x 24 mats used twice 9 - cartridges - 3 with 700 images eachComes with quick start book and DVD to install.
24 tealblack glass globes. Different height pedestals. $300oboRandom bottlesfew boxes, only showed few in picture-$30 for allRandom paper lanterns-$20 for all
Original watercolor painting by Bessie Ella Hazen 1862-1946. California Watercolor Society verified painting and signature as authentic Bessie Ella Hazen valued at $1,200.00. California Watercolor Society states it was her earlier work. It is in its original frame and has not been removed. The back paper is fragile from age. $125.00. .
Ducks in a pond are depicted in this print. It is signed J.S. Parks and has a sticker on the back which reads A Windsor Art Product. Perfect for home or cabin. It measures 22 x 17 58 inches in its frame. There are some scrapes on the frame which can be touched up if you wish. I will deliver to E.C. when I visit so call to make a plan.
Pine and cedar segmented bowls various sizes and shapes prices range from $30 to $45.00 each depending on size and if they have a lid all are polished to high glaze and waxed, safe to use for food.