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Cross collectable-child 1950's glass bank. The clown bank is a promotional purchase fromGrapette Family Beverage Syrup. Camden ARK. It bears a clown face image. In excellent condition. Inside is multi colored marbles. I'm located just south of the Fox Valley Mall. Naperville / Aurora area.
I have two functional oil lamps and two decorative only oil lamps. The non functional oil lamps have arhetifical flowers inside of them. Two amber bases, one amber base is functional. Two clear glass oil lamps. One clear glass is funtional. I'm located just south of the Fox Valley Mall. Naperville / Aurora area. Asking $10.00 each.
Antique and newer porcelain and china pieces made into pin cushions. Includes pins and threaded needles. Unique and practical gift idea. June Bride??? Can be given as birthday present or just for a gift. Some have rose pattern printed on them. All unique and different. Many colors and pieces to choose from. Tea cups-sugar bowls-trinket boxes-all different.. Buy 6 or more china pieces...
Framed picture of vintage/antique 1900 advertisement showing images of toddlers and babies. B/W Photos showing babies and toddlers from 100 years ago. I'm located just south of the Fox Valley Mall. Naperville / Aurora area.
Selling two vintage monopoly games copyright from 1973 and 1941. The 1973 comes with all pieces, (4) tokens only, houses, property cards,play cards , money and instructions. Boxed game. Box was taped. 1941 games is not boxed. It has a smaller box for the wooden game pieces , property cards , play cards and money. It has wooden houses. No metal tokens and missing one property card ...
Unique upcycled piece of art. One of a kind. Antique dresser mirror wooden frame converted into a wall hanging art. The picture depicts a freshly made bed with a window that outlooks a wooded lot and a shoreline in the far distance. A end table with a sail boat and sea shell. It's appears as a scene from Cope Cod area. Warm and inviting. I have more antique and vintage items available. ...
Antique sewing cabinet wooden drawer that is converted into a vintage kitchen utensil display shelve. It has a hand crocheted hot pads from the 1940's to the 1950's. (Antique kitchen decorative display idea taken straight from Pinterest ) A variety of kitchen utensils from the 1940's to the 1950's. Antique Blue Ball Mason jar from the 1920's to the 1930's that holds some of th...
Two available. Antique Rug Beaters that's converted into wall hanging wreathes. Unique wall displays. Made and assembled by crafter. Dried flower arrangement with a vintage bow. Asking $15.00 each. I'm located just south of the Fox Valley Mall. Naperville / Aurora area. Check out more of my vintage and antique items available-I can send pics...
A lot of variety of antique and vintage items available. Several Barn wood coat/apron racks. Mail barnwood mail rack. All different. Antique book self. Vintage sewing cabinet drawer that is converted into a wall hanging display. It holds antique kitchen items. Vintage carpet beater that upcycled into a dried flower wreaths wall hanging. Various vintage mason jars that are filled wi...
Antique and vintage items and home decor. Vintage washboard message board that includes note pads and caulk. Various types and sizes of mason jars that are filled with vintage buttons or sea shells. The mason jars are all unique. Vintage magazine rack. WWII ration coin and a rapid transit token from the 30's. Vintage sox stretcher and shoe forms all are children sized. Ship lap distres...
1999 complete set of 12 McDonald's teeny beany babies These beanie babies are still factory sealed Lot includes: 1. Freckles the Leopard 2. Antsy the Anteater 3. Smoochy the Frog 4. Spunky the Spaniel 5. Rocket the Blue Jay 6. Iggy the Iguana 7. Strut the Rooster 8. Nuts the Squirrel 9. Claude the Crab 10. Stretchy the Ostrich 11. Nook the Husky 12. Chip the Cat exact cash pick up Naperville 87...
Lot 1999 Ty McDonalds Teenie Beanie Babies BEARS MAPLE ERIN GLORY BRITANNIA 4 Ty Beanie Babies 1999 Collectible New and sealed 1. Glory the Bear 2. Britannia the Bear 3. Erin the Bear 4. Maple the Bear
Black & white weave design. Sticker on bottom shows it is a Besmo product hand carved in Kenya
No other info known
Horsehair design egg collectible
Black & white pattern. Hand carved in Kenya sticker on bottom
Christmas tree etched into egg. Hand made in Kenya sticker on bottom
Beautiful yellow hand carved alabaster egg. Made in Italy on sticker on bottom
Heavy in weight. Unknown material or origins
This is a complete set of 12 Ty Teeny Beany Babies from McDonald's happy meals 1998. They are all sealed in original packaging. 2 sets available $5 each Also includes original paper bag from 1998 happy meal Complete Set of 1-12 1998 1. Doby (Dog) 2. Bongo (Monkey) 3. Twigs (Giraffe) 4. Inch (Worm) 5. Pinchers (Lobster) 6. Happy (Hippo) 7. Mel (Koala) 8. Scoop (Pelican) 9. Bones (Dog) 10. Zip (C...