Reptiles for Sale and reptile supplies in Oswego, IL

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One custom made tank, divided in center. Each has its own screen top. 2 1/2 gallon a side. Very sturdy. Box with hot rock, light bulb, clamps,etc. PPU Maple Park.
Last female dumeril boa available! She is around 1.5' long and hand tame! 150$ shipping is available! Text 3312565774
Pure nicaraguan locality red tailed boas. The female is full grown and ready to breed at only 5' and the male is full grown and ready to breed at 3.5-4'. Both are eating well and could breed this season they don't have the typical nicaraguan agression but could use a little more taming. 175$ for both! Text 3312565774
2 adult male ball pythons. Both are proven and very tame, they will make great pets or breeders. They do not come with a enclosure pickup in oswego 200$ for albino 1st pic 65$ for mojave 2nd pic 3312565774
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